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If you have $9.50 in your Perfect Money account, you can turn it into $387 420 489 in just a few weeks

This site is 7 years active So far no complaints have been

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,Please read


this site never keep or manage your money. In this program, you will earn directly from your downlines. They will spend the money directly to your

..Perfect Money account, not through us



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Questions & answers

Then, how do you make money? I don`t believe you made all this for free.

Of course we don`t do it for free.

We same as you, need money too. Especially to recover thousands of dollars that we had to lost in many SCAM programs. We believe that "Money Matrix 9x9" will work well and can generate huge profit for it`s members. So, we also joined this program as early members. See, if you join this program you will make money the same way as we did. We are also in the same position as you

?Can I loose money in this program

Well..., no man-made systems are perfect. Yes, you can loose money, for example if all of the internetsystems goes down and nobody can use internet anymore. In this case you will loose only $9.5 max.

?That`s it. What do I have to do to join the program

Simply register and transfer $9.50 to the Perfect Money account (for details see the “Step by Step Guide” section). Afterwards you simply need to check your Perfect Money account regularly and .withdraw funds

?I don’t have a Perfect Money Account. How do I open one

If you don’t have a Perfect Money account, you need to register and open an account on the payment system’s site at Perfect Money (“Registration” link at the top of the page).

Then add $10 to your “U” (dollar) Perfect Money account in whatever way you find most comfortable.


What guarantees do I have that you won’t steal my money like other HYIP and autosurfing sites? Simple.

We don’t hold or manage your funds. In our program, you make money based on the participant “below” you. They transfer money to your Perfect Money account directly. You can verify the integrity of the program in a few minutes. Register several accounts (keep in mind that the Perfect Money account and e-mail address must be different for each), transfer funds and watch as the funds trickle down to your own accounts. All fair and honest!

?Then how do you make a profit

.I don’t believe that you do all of this for free. Of course we don’t do it for free

We need money juslike you. We believe that a 9x9 matrix can work well with Perfect Money (much like it worked with e-gold before) and can provide sizeable profits for its members. As such, we joined the program as its first members. In other words, upon joining this program you will be making money .in the same way we do

Several years ago I had already participated in such a program at and received funds via

That’s right. For several years we successfully worked with the e-gold American payment system but were forced to halt the program due to the US government suspending the e-gold system (e-gold is planning on providing its services again this year, as seen on By the way, throughout one and a half years e-gold hadn’t issued any complaints against, and we hope that Perfect

!Money will work even better

Why have you chosen the Perfect Money payment system?

As of today, Perfect Money is the most comfortable, simple, reliable and safe payment system out there. Its site is provided in 20 different languages and it provides comfy mechanics for both depositing and withdrawing funds.


Can I lose money in this program? There is no such thing as a flawless system.

Yes, you might lose your funds if the Internet crashes and no one can access the system or if the Perfect Money system shuts down. Though in that case you will only lose $9.50 at most. It’s as simple as that. Look at this as purchasing a lottery ticket that can “win” you millions!

Do I have to attract referrals?


The program works as follows: - All referrals accumulated by you (via your referral link/banner) are yours alone and work only in your favor (and for your sponsors).

- All other participants that visit via search engines, news sites, ads and so on are dispersed amongst all registered referrals.

(We recommend that you get at least one referral of your own since the system doesn’t see users whose “Overall Profit” field value in their accounts is zero.)

How can I edit my e-mail address/name/password/Perfect Money account?

Log in to your account and visit the “Edit Personal Information” section where you can delete your old info and replace it with new info. Attention: You will not be able to change yourPerfect Money account!

I have a question/suggestion/problem...

Simply visit our “Support” section, choose a fitting subsection and submit your question.

Warning: Do not change any of your Perfect Money account.

Submit your Perfect Money account number with a capital letter U Got any links to increase downline anilite Rank and visit the sites of accumulation and box click advertising sites do not use the account will be removed You only have a banner advertising box sites and every site that you want to use it to advertise and you can use the banner for this blog

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